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Everyone who has ever been in India, or lived almost his whole life here
knows how difficult is it to find a public toilet. The problem becomes
uncontrollable (pun intended) when you need them urgently.

This problem is much more severe for girls/women, and has been very
well addressed in this article. As an alternate solution, which I have personally
been using for a long time, it's much easier to go in a shopping mall/restaurant
or other such places where the toilets are easily available. But one may not
always know those places beforehand. So, I propose to make a Wiki for
easily accessible toilets in India.  Its Wiki structure will ensure that the information
is wide and up-to-date.

It could have entries based on areas within a city.

For e.g.

M.G. Road, Bangalore :
1. Bangalore Central Mall, 2nd floor, just turn left from the escalator.

Hosur Road, Koramangala, Bangalore
1. Forum Mall, all floors

Since the wiki will be web based, a lot of people will
not be able to use it, when they need it. So best
solution will be, if one could just send an sms for e.g.
TOILET M G Road to 1234 and get a list of all the nearby toilets.
Let's hope that it works out one day.

How do I Contribute?